Alice Gets a Makeover

Well what a massive month it has been here at Scouted Design!


We made the decision to take Alice off the road for most of this month and attend to some of her small imperfections starting to come through as we travel to more and more pop ups.  We are determined to keep her on the road for another 48 years and share her and all her beauty.

We started with a complete sand back of the exterior.... if you have ever been on the other end of a piece of sandpaper you will appreciate how painful this step was!  It was made slightly easier with many hands and a beer or three!

Removing all of the windows was slightly challenging after we discovered that much of Alice was held together with some pretty nasty silicone! unfortunately some of them were just not going to budge so we cleaned up the edges as best we could.  

The gap between the window and the door was one complete band of silicone, this took me hours of scraping....sanding.....scraping and sanding!

After her sand back it was time for a bath and then a wash over with a grease and oil remover... vital I have been told for a smooth paint finish.  

My second least favourite job as it turns out is masking everything up!  And it turns out I'm not very good at it... there was numerous amounts of white paint that was to come later that kept me very busy cleaning off windows.

Finally she was ready to go!

This is by far one of my favourite photos... shows you very clearly the before and after and the impact quality paint can make!  I love the transformation a coat of paint can make in any renovation whether it be in your home or your vintage van.

After a few hours... and a tiny headache from the paint fumes she was ready to go and it was time to start the whole process again with her beautiful white windows.

Between coats it was my job to do a little bit of investigation and some online shopping to source some alternative tail lights that celebrated Alices vintage and uniqueness!  Gumtree and a gorgeous Rockabilly couple answered our prayers with these little beauties.

For all the motor enthusiast following at home they are vintage Falcon (XM- XP) tail lights!

It felt like a long time coming but finally it was time to start putting Alice back together.... her windows... lights.... number plates and door!

We moved her out to the sunshine to get an appreciation for her in her all glory!  now the outside was complete it was time to pretty up her inside bits!

Watch this space!  More pics to come of Alice and her interior...


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  • Liz McLean

    Love your little / big Reno on Alice … would love to paint my van black can U help. On brand , Colour and stain or gloss … thank u so much Liz Geraldton WA

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