Natural Hand Crafted Fibres that Build Community

The thing about Scouted Design that excites me the most is being able to work with brands like the Dharma Door.  With a similar ethos to us it is such a privilege to support like minded people make such an empowering difference to some of the worlds most impoverished peoples.

The Dharma Door has been commissioning the incredible skills of female artisans in remote, rural communities of Bangladesh since 2004. Their ultimate goal is to genuinely empower as many people as possible out of the cycle of poverty.

It's widely understood that when women are economically empowered, they make financial decisions that will benefit not only their families, but entire communities.

The ongoing work and fair prices of The Dharma Door often mean that the female artisans who make their products are often the main breadwinners in their families – an incredible achievement in a patriarchal society! This creates respect, and helps to make sure that their voice is heard when it comes to important decisions about how their well-earned money is spent.

By combining contemporary design, enduring quality and unfailing ethics, they create products that tell a much bigger story than just the item itself.

A story woven with every stitch and fibre. 

At the Dharma Door it really is all about woven texture, every product in the collection is crafted by combining natural fibres with intricate hand making techniques. In some communities where these products are made, age-old craft skills have been passed down through generations. However, without access to buyers and consistent orders, these skills will be lost.


See our website for a range of wall hangings, garlands and reusable string bags proudly crafted by this beautiful team.


xx Kristen

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